JPFA Training Course

JPFA Introductory Training Course

The Introductory Training course consists of ten lectures and the viewing period is one month after purchasing. If you choose to purchase individual lectures, the period is 10 days each.
"Other leafy greens: Microgreens and baby greens" by Chieri Kubota, is available exclusively when purchasing the introductory training as a set.

1. Introduction to Principles and Prospects of PFALs: 
    Current and Forthcoming Technologies

  - Eri Hayashi

2. Principles and Prospects of Plant Factories with
     Artificial Lighting (PFALs)

  -  Toyoki Kozai

3. Light Environment and Plant Growth- Basics and
    Recent Research

  - Na Lu

4. Basic Hydroponic Production and Nutrient Solution
     - Special Discussion -

  - Satoru Tsukagoshi & Chieri Kubota

5. Plant Nutrition Related with Nutrient and Water Uptake

  - Satoru Tsukagoshi

6. Cultivation Management (Seeding to Shipping)

  - Yutaka Shinohara

7. Cultivation Processes Demonstrated

  - Osamu Nunomura

8. Other leafy greens: Microgreens and baby greens

  - Chieri Kubota

9. Business Administration of PFAL

  - Kazuya Uraisami

10. Case Study of Commercial Large-scale PFAL: 808 Factory

  - Katashi Kai
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