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The JPFA has run workshops almost monthly since 2009 for the purpose of helping people concerned with plant factories improve each other and share the latest information. The cumulative number of workshop participants reached over 14,000 since 2010.

Beginning fiscal 2021, we are holding online workshops in a new fashion, having each workshop composed of a live seminar and a question-and-answer session. We have also made new workshops free of charge for JPFA members in principle.

Registered participants in each new workshop are allowed to view its seminar's recorded video later during a specified period. The recording, however, does not contain the Q&A session.

Workshop Materials (2021-2022) are Now Available for Viewing

Videos of lectures and handouts from workshops held in FY 2021-2022 can be accessed through a variety of options, including “All,” “Video and Handout,” and “Handout”. For more information, please check the details page of each workshop session and proceed to the appropriate option. Please note that the information provided is current as of the date of the event.

If you are accessing workshop materials for the first time, you will need to register for an account.
Please follow the instructions to register and proceed to access the content.
If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please contact the JPFA.
*Some contents may not be distributed due to the wishes of the lecturer. For details, please refer to the Workshop List FY2021-2022 (PDF) below.

 Workshop List

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Please refer to the following for purchase information. 
per workshop 
  • All videos of 1 workshop
  • All handouts of 1 workshop
  • Accessible for two weeks
  • Special discount
  • Some workshops include special contents. 
    (ex. Explanation video for the purpose by the coordinator, etc.)
per lecture
  • Video of 1 lecture
  • Handout of 1 lecture
  • Accessible for 10 days
per lecture
  • Handout of 1 lecture
  • Downloadable in a week

Workshop handouts are available in bulk by fiscal year. Please refer to each page for details.

FY 2021

 142nd-147th workshops 
  • Handout for 142nd-147th Workshops
  • Handouts for each lecture
    15 lectures in total
  •  Discounted price
    - 10% OFF the regular price
    ※Video not included

FY 2022

  148th~153rd Workshops
  • Handout for 148th-153rd Workshops
  • Handouts for each lecture
    15 lectures in total
  • Discounted price
     - 10% OFF the regular price
    ※Video not included
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