JPFA Training Course

Introductory Lecture No. 8
Other leafy greens: Microgreens and baby greens

・Learning objectives
・Additional reference materials
・Leafy greens grown in hydroponics
・Various types of lettuce
・Hydroponic basil production
・Other leafy green species grown hydroponically
・Leafy green production stages
   - Growing seedlings
   - Deep water culture for baby greens
   - Automated gutter system/packaging

・Microgreen production
   - Species consumed as microgreens
   - Seed density
   - Harvesting
   - Market of microgreens

  • Video :  34 min.
  • Handout : 1 PDF
  • English
  • Viewing period : 1 month
  • Last update: October, 2023
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Chieri Kubota
Ohio State University, US
Dr. Chieri Kubota is a professor in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, and Director of Ohio Controlled Environment Agriculture Center at the Ohio State University. Dr. Kubota received Ph.D. in Horticultural Engineering and M.S. in Horticultural Science from Chiba University, Japan. Dr. Kubota worked as faculty for 6 years in Chiba University, 16 years in the School of Plant Sciences at University of Arizona. Dr. Kubota joined the faculty at the Ohio State University in 2017. Dr. Kubota is a Fellow of the American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS).  In research, her focus is on science-based technology development for CEA crop such as lighting technologies, water and nutrient management, and introducing new crops for CEA. Dr. Kubota is very active in training professionals through online courses, hands-on training, and consultations.


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