JPFA Training Course

Introductory Lecture No.2
Principles and Prospects of Plant Factories with Artificial Lighting (PFALs)

• Contribution of PFALs to our planet
• Basic requirements and the goal of PFALs
• Indices to sustainable PFAL design and
• Forthcoming technologies
 1) PFAL consisting of Cultivation System Modules (CSMs)
  2) Phenotyping
  3) 3D environments within a plant canopy
  4) Production of fruit, root and head vegetables
• Conclusion

  • Video :  38 min.
  • Handout : 1 PDF
  • English
  • Viewing period : 1 month
  • Last update: October, 2023
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    Non-member Price: ¥ 5,000-
Toyoki Kozai
Japan plant factory association
Dr. Toyoki kozai is a professor emeritus at Chiba University and honorary president of Japan Plant Factory Association. He obtained a PhD degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Tokyo. When he started his academic career, his work was focused on greenhouse environment control engineering. Then his scientific interest was extended to in vitro environments under artificial light and their control for sugar-free medium micro-propagation. After serving as President of Chiba University, he was back in research, education. Since 2010, he has been working as the president of Japan Plant Factory Association and is leading R & D of “plant factory with artificial lighting (PFAL)” and “integrative environment control of greenhouses” using heat pump, fogging, and null-balance CO2 enrichment systems. He received the Medal with Purple Ribbon in 2002 and the Order of the Sacred Treasure and Light in 2019 from the Japanese Government.  


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