JPFA Training Course

JPFA Srawberry Training Course

This pre-learning course is offered only to the participants of the "JPFA Strawberry Training Course" . The pre-learning contents are available until March 4, 2024 (JST).
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Eri Hayashi
Na Lu
Chiba University
Kazuya Uraisami
Roel Janssen
Planet Farms

1. Strawberry Plants - Morphology, Physiology, and Hydroponic Cultivation

  Satoru Tsukagoshi

Table of Content

1. History of Strawberry Cultivation in Japan
2. Morphological Characteristics
3. Physiological Characteristics
4. Strawberry Fruit
5. Fertilization
6. Strawberry Root
7. Life Cycle in the Open Field
8. Possibility of Strawberry Cultivation in PFAL
9. Nutrient Solution/Cultivation System
10. Solution Management for Strawberry
11. Conclusion


Satoru Tsukagoshi
Chiba University
Dr. Satoru TSUKAGOSHI is an associate professor at Chiba University. He obtained a PhD degree in Agriculture from Chiba University. When he started his academic career, his work was focused on the hydroponic strawberry cultivation. Then, his scientific interest was extended to the optimization of the nutrient solution management in hydroponics, the addition of the functionality to the vegetables using hydroponic technique such as low potassium tomato fruit, high GABA content tomato fruit, and the development of the quantitative nutrient management in hydroponics. In the academic education, he accepts many foreign students who are interested in vegetable production in hydroponics and in PFALs. The ex-students whom he instructed are playing an active part in the field of vegetable production in each country now.

2. Strawberry Production in U.S. and the World

   Chieri Kubota

Table of Content

1. US Strawberry Production
2. US Strawberry Cultivars
3. Planting Materials (Transplants)
4. Useful Resources

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Chieri Kubota
Ohio State University, US
Dr. Chieri Kubota is a professor in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, and Director of Ohio Controlled Environment Agriculture Center at the Ohio State University. Dr. Kubota received Ph.D. in Horticultural Engineering and M.S. in Horticultural Science from Chiba University, Japan. Dr. Kubota worked as faculty for 6 years in Chiba University, 16 years in the School of Plant Sciences at University of Arizona. Dr. Kubota joined the faculty at the Ohio State University in 2017. Dr. Kubota is a Fellow of the American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS).  In research, her focus is on science-based technology development for CEA crop such as lighting technologies, water and nutrient management, and introducing new crops for CEA. Dr. Kubota is very active in training professionals through online courses, hands-on training, and consultations.

3. Practical Aspects of Strawberry Year-round Cultivation in PFALs
Case Study: Strawberry Production in a Test Facility in Kashiwanoha Campus

    Shigeharu Shimamura

Table of Content

1. Company Profile
2. Background of Strawberry Year-round Cultivation
3. Challenges 1, 2, 3, 4
4. Others 


Shigeharu Shimamura
HANMO established in May, 2016 and based in Kashiwanoha Campus.
- Planning and cultivation consulting for PFALs
- R&D and sales of cultivation systems
- R&D and sales of agricultural materials and equipment
- Sales of agricultural products

4. Interview with S. Shimamura, CEO of Hanmo

    Shigeharu Shimamura, Toru Maruo, and Eri Hayashi

Table of Content

1. Introduction
2. Features of Hanmo
3. Pollination and Lights
4. Production Management
5. Message


Shigeharu Shimamura
Toru Maruo
Japan Plant Factory Association
Eri Hayashi

5. MIYOSHI F1 Seed Strawberry - Strawberry Revolution from Japan

    Yuki Otsuka

Table of Content

■MIYOSHI GROUP  Introduction  
■Japanese Strawberry
■F1 Seeds strawberry
■Berry Pop Series
■Challenge to be address


Yuki Otsuka

Details will be followed up during on-site training.


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