JPFA Training Course

Introductory Lecture No. 7
Cultivation Processes Demonstrated

1. Seed Germination
  - Appropriate amount of water
  - Comparison of growth by nutrient solution and water usage
2. Preparing Tray
  - Measuring the adequate amount of nutrient solution
3. Seeding
  - Hand seeding /  Using a simple seeder

4. Plant Factory Entrance Precautions
  - Possible contamination or adulteration
5. Transplanting and Final Transplanting
6. Harvesting

  • Video :  25 min.
  • No Handout
  • Japanese with English Sub
  • Viewing period : 1 month
  • Last update: October, 2023
  • Member Price:      ¥ 3,500-
    Non-member Price: ¥ 5,000-
Osamu Nunomura
Japan Plant Factory Association
Dr. Yutaka Shinohara is a Professor Emeritus of Chiba University, Board member of NPO Japan Plant Factory Association and Advisor for the Japan Greenhouse Horticulture Association, as well as a former Chair of the Association. Has dedicated himself to the greenhouse horticulture research, especially on hydroponics and plant factories for more than 40 years. Wrote 100 qualified journal papers and 35 books. Has chaired an amateur wood wind ensemble named ‘Harmonia Ensemble’ for about 50 years as also a player of French horn.


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