JPFA Training Course

Introductory Lecture No.1
Introduction to Principles and Prospects of PFALs: Current and Forthcoming Technologies 

• Introduction
• Principles and Concept of PFAL 
• Current Situation and Challenges
• Forthcoming Technologies Towards Next Generation PFAL  
   - Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and Phenotyping
     for Environmental Control and Breeding

• Conclusion

  • Video :  64 min.
  • Handout : 1 PDF
  • English
  • Viewing period : 1 month
  • Last update: December, 2023
  • Member Price:      ¥ 3,500-
    Non-member Price: ¥ 5,000-
Eri Hayashi
Japan plant factory association
Eri serves as president of the Japan Plant Factory Association (JPFA), a nonprofit organization devoted to academic and business advancements in plant factory/controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Before joining the JPFA, Eri worked at a private research institute in Tokyo, specializing in technology advancement for global food production. She has been conducting international field research on plant factories/CEA since 2008. She has published multiple research papers and has been a research project manager on artificial intelligence and phenotyping-based next-generation plant factory for environmental control and breeding. She has a keen interest in technological advances, including phenotyping, in plant factories. She received a Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Horticulture, Chiba University.


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