JPFA Training Course

Introductory Lecture No. 5
Plant Nutrition Related with Nutrient and Water Uptake

・Concept of plant production
・Hydroponic system and solution flow in hydroponics
・Water potential and water movement
・Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Continuum (SPAC)
・Transpiration and water uptake in PFAL
・Estimation of transpiration rate in PFAL
・Characteristics of major elements in the nutrient solution
・Causes of physiological disorders and how to prevent them

  • Video :  57 min.
  • Handout : 1 PDF
  • English
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  • Last update: October, 2023
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Satoru Tsukagoshi
Chiba University
Dr. Satoru TSUKAGOSHI is an associate professor at Chiba University. He obtained a PhD degree in Agriculture from Chiba University. When he started his academic career, his work was focused on the hydroponic strawberry cultivation. Then, his scientific interest was extended to the optimization of the nutrient solution management in hydroponics, the addition of the functionality to the vegetables using hydroponic technique such as low potassium tomato fruit, high GABA content tomato fruit, and the development of the quantitative nutrient management in hydroponics. In the academic education, he accepts many foreign students who are interested in vegetable production in hydroponics and in PFALs. The ex-students whom he instructed are playing an active part in the field of vegetable production in each country now.


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