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Live Online Seminar: June 1, 2022
The Latest Developments of Plant Factories in Europe

I. "Planet Farms: Unlocking the true potential of CEA, with a sophisticated industrial approach to vertical farming, combined with Italian food quality" 
    Roel Janssen (Chief Business Officer, Planet Farms, Italy)

"Infarm Crop Science - A trip through our research program and philosophy”
    Pavlos Kalaitzoglou (VP Science, Infarm, Germany)
 Coordinator: JPFA Vice President Eri Hayashi

  • Video: Lecture I+Lecture II / approx. 70 min.
  • Handout 2 PDF
  • English
  • Viewing period: 2 weeks
  • All videos and handouts of the 148th workshop are included.
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Lecturer I

Roel Janssen

Chief Business Officer
Planet Farms
Lecturer II

Pavlos Kalaitzoglou

VP Science

Eri Hayashi

Vice President
Japan Plant Factory Association
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